Don’t Believe These 4 Myths About Home Security Systems

Don’t Believe These 4 Myths About Home Security Systems


The home security industry has changed rapidly in the era of wireless Internet. Thanks to new technologies such as the Internet of Things, smart home systems, and low-cost high definition digital cameras, modern security systems offer a level of protection that seemed impossible just a few decades ago. Homeowners can now remotely monitor their homes 24/7/365 from almost anywhere in the world via HD wireless security cameras, and that’s just one feature of modern security systems.

Unfortunately, some homeowners never invest in a system because they still believe common myths regarding home security. Often, those myths are based on outdated technology or downright untruths. If you have doubts about home security systems, this article will debunk some of the most common myths facing the residential security industry.

An outdoor security camera system is too expensive
 High quality HD wireless security cameras have never been more affordable than they are today. While there may be some initial purchase and installment costs, most homeowners spend a low amount each month to keep their outdoor security camera system running. However, the cost of your system also depends on the company you choose. It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. So if you want a high-quality security camera system with great customer service, you may have to pay a little more. However, this will pay off in the long run when you experience the benefits your security system can offer you and your family.

If you live in a safe area, you don’t need a security system
Unfortunately, this is not true. Even if you live in the safest neighborhood in the world, anything can happen. In fact, burglars may even target safe neighborhoods because they know homeowners will not be expecting someone to try to break into their home. Plus, safe neighborhoods are often wealthy neighborhoods, which can be a magnet for nighttime burglaries, daytime home invasions, and porch pirates. Additionally, homeowners shouldn’t rely on the family dog for security purposes either. The bottom line is that you can never be too safe.

In addition, the mere existence of these cameras can act as a strong deterrent. If a burglar is faced with choosing a home with a security system and one without, they’re most likely going to go for the one without a security system. In fact, houses without a security system are up to 300% more likely to be chosen by burglars.

Home security camera systems are complicated to operate and manage
Today’s security systems are actually quite simple to install and operate. Especially if you choose a plug and play, or wireless outdoor security camera system, you can ensure there will be minimal disruption to your home and property. Additionally, your home security camera can connect to your smartphone for easy access and 24/7 monitoring. While your new system may take some getting used to, it will be a breeze once you get the hang of it.

A security system won’t actually help catch a burglar
We’ve already mentioned that home security systems can ward off criminal activity; however, they can also be useful if a crime does occur. This enduring myth is based on the grainy CCTV footage of the past, where faces and license plates were often too blurry to help police identify suspects. But besides deterring burglary in the first place, modern security cameras can help identify a burglar, vehicle, suspect, or anyone who else who is on or near your property without your permission. HD security cameras can clearly capture faces and identifying features, which can help lead the police to the suspect.

Overall, an outdoor security camera system is a great investment for your home. A high-quality security system can give you peace of mind that your family and property is safe when you’re away from home.

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