6 Tips to Increase Your Home Security During Renovations

6 Tips to Increase Your Home Security During Renovations


It’s that time of year! Time to get out your tools and make some serious improvements to your home. If you are thinking about new flooring, remodeling the bathroom, or building an addition – remember that your home can become vulnerable to possible security threats. To keep you and your valuables safe, we’ve compiled 6 Home Improvement Safety Tips for you to consider.

Hire the Right Contractors

When you're ready to begin your home renovation, it's critical that you research the contractors you intend to hire. Especially, if you or your family will be living in the house at the time. Consider the quality of their craftsmanship, as well as their reputation.

Before signing any contracts, it's a good idea to make sure the contractor/subcontractors are fully licensed and insured.

Ask friends and family for referrals. Personal recommendations from the people you trust is a great way to find the best contractor for the job.

Be sure to look online for positive reviews and photos of previous work. Ask the contractor if you can speak with any previous clients about their experience. These are all important considerations.

Install a Home Security Camera System

Installing a home security camera is one of the most effective ways to improve your home's security. We recommend installing cameras both inside and outside your home, particularly during a remodel or renovation. Do you have a system ready to be installed? Check out our Ultimate Security System Setup Guide here.

Depending on your security needs, Defender offers a variety of security cameras. We recommend our Guard Pro camera for an easy-to-use camera that can be accessed whether you are home or not. The Guard Pro has all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a DIY camera, including smart human detection, siren deterrence, two-way talk, and a spotlight. If you want to learn more about the Guard Pro, you can do so by visiting the product listing.

Upgrade Your Door with a Smart Lock System

Say goodbye to the traditional key and say hello to a Smart Lock. With this technology, you can create a unique code for yourself and others to enter your home. In addition to avoiding the stress of lost keys or a key under the mat being discovered, you can give workers a unique code, letting you know who’s working on your house and when. Best of all, these codes can be turned off once the job is done.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

It's always a good idea to keep your valuables in a secure location. Keeping your valuables locked away while renovating ensures they are not damaged, misplaced, or stolen. A lockable safe is all you need for smaller items such as jewelry, documents, or money. Keep larger items such as paintings, art, or furniture, in a storage unit or with a trustworthy friend.

If you can’t store all your belongings, we recommend taking photos of your home and property before work begins. These photos will provide you with a visual record in the event of damage or lost goods. This will also serve as a great reference for a perfect before and after shot of your finished project!

Clean Up Tools and Materials from Your Property

When the day is done, take the time to clean up your property and work area. When hiring contractors, discuss your expectations for how the team will clean up at the end of each day. Whether they’re bringing their tools daily or leaving them on site, make sure tools and materials are not left outside or accessible once their workday is done.

Avoiding unnecessary attention to your property is the best way to ensure that these items are not stolen or damaged, and that you are not inviting unwanted guests onto your property.

Add Motion Sensor Lights to Your Property

We recommend that you light up your property whenever possible.
Motion sensing lights are an excellent addition to your property for security and convenience. A sudden bright light highlighting their presence will deter unwelcome visitors from causing mischief.

Fortunately, many surveillance cameras, including our Guard Pro, have spotlights. The Guard Pro is equipped with a flashing light to deter someone off your property or a steady light to help you unlock your doors.

While renovations may increase your home’s vulnerability, there are actions you can take to keep your home and family safe and secure. Be sure to research any outside help you plan to hire, install a security camera system, and keep your valuables in a safe location. While your home improvement is underway, maintain a clean and appropriately lit property – and best of luck with your future projects!

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